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Tamiya Blackfoot 1/10th scale rc truck was a top seller for more than 25 years now!  You can find your choice of "new" or original "used" vintage Blackfoot models from the 80s at the link below.  The original vintage kit was so popular, that Tamiya has kept and made upgrades to the line for many years now.  Some of these models include the Super, Xtreme, and King version.  Most of these kit versions were very similar to the vintage model from the 80s, except for minor cosmetics and small part changes in the suspension and so forth.

Okay, if you're a collector, you'll most likely want one of the first vintage models in Tamiya Blackfoot series.  It's simple to identify the original, vintage model, simply make sure the word Super, King, Xtreme, Wild Dagger, Twin Detonator, or Double Blaze (more on that later) weren't added, as the original had now of these extra titles added to its name, but later were added as revisions and updates were added to this line.. 

The original Tamiya Blackfoot was made starting in the 80s to the 90s, then Tamiya made some small upgrades with the "Super Blackfoot" on the late 90s.  The Super was later upgraded to the "King" (known for it's longer, better shocks), which finally got changed to the newest version we see today the "Blackfoot Xtreme" (or BX for short).  The BX is what you'll most likely see today when buying new.  If you're looking for a 4wd RC truck, this model did offer upgrades or models already retrofitted with the 4x4 drivetrain.  The 4wd models were the Wild Dagger, Twin Detonator, and the Double Blaze.  Although they may look similar to their 2wd counterparts, Tamiya's 4x4 kit versions offered a ton more punch and power, as they generally had "2" motors (one dedicated to the front wheels and one motor dedicated just for the rear) instead of just one.  This meant enormous off-road power and handling. 

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