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Tamiya Bruiser 4X4

 Tamiya Bruiser

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The vintage Tamiya Bruiser is a collectors dream, but are becoming incredibly rare to find.  This was one of the most popular and realistic 4wd rc trucks ever made by Tamiya 30 years ago and are still sought after today by many collectors!  It's still a marvel of both design  ingenuity and accuracy even to this day.  These were not cheap back in the day, however due to their demand and legacy, even used models of this vintage Tamiya Bruiser are selling at exceptionally high prices and they are surely to only increase in value as time goes by!

The Tamiya Bruiser 4x4 RC Truck has many innovations and realistic approaches to make this radio controlled model seem more life like and drive very well.  Some of these innovations were a real 3 speed transmission that you could shift directly with the radio!  A real transmission is something that you simply don't find in most rc trucks, but came standard with the Bruiser model.  The vast array of detail in conjunction to nearly all metal (namely T6 aluminum and stamped steel material) parts made this one something unique and set apart from the all plastic toys we see today.   

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The Tamiya Bruiser 4x4 Truck had any extra large 750 motor (which has considerable more power than the 540 motors on most 1/10th scales) and a 4000mah battery pack (which was considered a very high capacity battery pack when the Bruiser was made).  Due to the age of this vintage rc truck, you would most likely want to add a replace the battery pack as you well exceeded the shelf life of it.   

You'll see these rc trucks often in a Blue, Red, White, or Black paint finish.  Pictured is with the Toyota decals and a white paint, however you can any decals you want (to make it your truck and style) and apply a fresh paint of your color choosing.

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